Health and Safety Area

Aimed to helping ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone in the ICN2 community, 2019 saw the introduction of a very handy electronic tool, ICN2 Inventory App, a database of all chemical substances within the institute created to find relevant information and locations, hazard information or download safety data sheets.

The Health and Safety performed 15 working conditions re-assessment and 11 new safety Inspections in Research Group. 334 safety-related courses were completed achieving a 92% compliance in safety training. But this Area is not only devoted to research safety: Last year a psychosocial assessment was performed destined to reduce the risk of stress and related ill-health and improve the psychosocial environment.

Additionally, one more year the Sustainability programme was focused on improving waste management practices, reducing waste volumes where possible, and promoting safety and environmental protection as it relates to work with hazardous materials at our Institute. The goal is to improve the ICN2 health & safety practices while reducing the burden of waste management.