Health and Safety Area

In 2022, a new Teleworking Policy was established at ICN2, which prompted the H&S Area to develop new resources. Over the course of the year, 42 teleworking risk assessments were conducted in accordance with our policy. An innovative online toolbox was utilised to gather all data and information related to each remote workplace, thus ensuring legal requirements were met.

In our continuous effort to improve working conditions, an ergonomic study was conducted in offices between January and March 2022 to enhance lighting conditions, with particular emphasis on ensuring ICN2's compliance with energy-saving requirements.

In terms of research safety, our lab safety programme included 11 safety visits to laboratories, 690 corrective actions, and 6 risk assessments related to new locations and equipment (FIB, UAB Facilities), responding to 58 environmental, health, or safety incidents/queries.

Safety training reached a record high, with 428 safety training sessions completed and a 98% compliance rate according to new content, as most of our e-learning trainings were updated over the past year. Additionally, specific training actions were conducted, such as: Fire extinguisher training with the use of ABC Powder & CO2 Extinguishers on actual fire, First Aid training, and Laser Safety.

In terms of environmental contributions, the H&S Area assisted in the sustainable recycling of 4,719 Kg of ICN2 waste materials and the safe disposal of 5,968 Kg of hazardous waste in 2022, representing a 122% increase from the previous year.