NanoBioelectronics and Biosensors Group

Group Leader: Arben Merkoçi

Recent Projects

  • INTCATCH, Development and application of Novel, Integrated Tools for monitoring and managing Catchments

    Funded by EC, 2016-06-01 / 2020-01-31

    IP: Arben Merkoçi

  • NACANCELL, Development of a Nanodiagnostic platform for monitoring of Cancer cell secreted proteins

    Funded by MINECO, 2016-06-01 / 2020-01-31

    IP: Arben Merkoçi

  • NAP2DIAGNOSTICS, Nanobioconjugated paper/plastic platforms for improved diagnostics applications

    Funded by MINECO, 2015-01-01 / 2017-12-31

    IP: Arben Merkoçi

  • ELECTROBIONET, Red de sensores y biosensores electroquímicos

    Funded by MINECO, 2015-02-01 / 2017-11-30

    IP: Arben Merkoçi

  • SMS, Sensing toxicants in Marine waters makes Sense using biosensors

    Funded by EC, 2013-12-01 / 2017-08-31

    IP: Arben Merkoçi

  • SMART PRINTED PAPER, Printed Electronics para nuevas funcionalidades en papel

    Funded by MINECO, 2014-02-01 / 2017-06-30

    IP: Arben Merkoçi

  • Nanomateriales con alta capacidad de reconocimiento modulable electronicamente, tipo on-off, para su aplicacion en biosensores electroquimicos con caracteristicas excepcionales.

    Funded by MINECO, 2012-12-01 / 2016-11-30

    IP: Arben Merkoçi

  • Estudio y desarrollo de nuevos sistemas bioelectrónicos de análisis basados en nano / micro materiales y estructuras

    Funded by MECD, 2012-04-23 / 2016-03-31

    IP: Arben Merkoçi

  • Development of Electrochemical Peptide Nanosensors for protein and antibody detection.

    Funded by European Comission, 2012-05-01 / 2015-04-30

    IP: Arben Merkoçi