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Friday, 25 September 2020

Dr PengYi Tang receives the Extraordinary Doctoral Award

He performed his research in materials science in the ICN2 Advanced Electron Nanoscopy Group.

The UAB doctoral committee has decided to give the Extraordinary Doctoral Award on Materials Science to Dr PengYi Tang, former PhD student at the ICN2. His thesis had already won the Best PhD thesis in Materials Science Award conferred by the Spanish Microscopy Society (SME). PengYi Tang developed his research at ICN2 under the supervision of ICREA Prof. Jordi Arbiol, Group Leader of the Advanced Electron Nanoscopy Group.

The award ceremony was scheduled on 20 November 2020, but it has been cancelled as a consequence of the extraordinary sanitary measures to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic. The award, beyond the honour of receiving it, implies the reimbursement of the amount paid for the issue of the doctoral degree diploma.