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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Another LeaderSHE webinar, by journalist Mònica Terribas

The LeaderSHE talks series hosted an inspiring discussion with Catalan journalist Mònica Terribas, who talked about leadership and women in directive roles, as Prof. María Blasco and chef Carme Ruscalleda in the previous events.

On the 15th of June, the ICN2 presented the third webinar of the LeaderSHE series, given by journalist Dr Mònica Terribas, who, along her successful career in radio and television, hosted several programmes and was General Director of the Catalan TV channel TV3 from 2008 to 2012. The previous appointments of the LeaderSHE webinars counted on Prof. María Blasco, Director of the CNIO and President of the SOMM Alliance, and chef Carme Ruscalleda, winner of several Michelin stars.

In her talk, entitled “Listening and watching to lead forward”, Dr Terribas discussed some of the aspects she considers crucial for a good leader, such as the ability to observe and understand the environment of the company or institute where they work. She also shared her experience as a woman in leading positions, and, of course, stressed the importance of having women covering such roles.

This was the last of a first set of webinars within the LeaderSHE Programme, which have all had a great response. This initiative was led by the ICN2 Equal Opportunities Committee, with the goal of hearing from women who succeeded in reaching leadership positions in different professional fields. Stay tuned for more!