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Wednesday, 18 January 2023

LeaderSHE: Philosopher, activist, and teacher Marina Garcés reflects on her career and the diversity of voices needed in society

by Àlex Argemí

The LeaderShe seminar series launched by the ICN2 Equal Opportunities Committee continued on 20 December with the third and last talk of the 2022 series by Marina Garcés, renowned philosopher and essayist. The audience was engaged and inspired by Garcés' insights and her call to action to take up space and make diverse voices heard.

Renowned philosopher and essayist Marina Garcés gave a thought-provoking talk on December 20th at the ICN2, entitled "Filosofía en femenino: una voz impropia". During the event, Garcés offered an overview of her career and reflected on the challenges related to reaching out to society. She shared that career paths are not often easy choices and taking a step back sometimes has helped her finding her own voice. 


Garcés is a leading profile in the field of philosophy and her talk delved into the importance of having diverse perspectives represented in the discourse. She is a philosopher, activist, and teacher whose work focuses on politics and critical thinking, and on the need to articulate a philosophical voice that pursues commitment, action and emancipation founded on an awareness of our interdependence in a shared world.

She is the author of several essay collections, including Filosofía inacabada (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2015), Nova il·lustració radical (Anagrama, 2017) and Ciutat Princesa (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2018). Additionally, the Aula Oberta project, which she directed at the Institut d’Humanitats de Barcelona, resulted in the publication of Humanitats en acció (Raig Verd, 2019). More recently, her reflections have focused on the field of education and pedagogy, resulting in the publication of Escola d'aprenents (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2020) and Pedagogies i emancipació (Arcàdia, 2020). Marina Garcés is currently the director and member of the faculty of the Master’s degree in Philosophy for Contemporary Challenges at the Open University of Catalonia, and she organizes the Teatre Lliure’s School of Thought together with Albert Lladó. During her talk she emphasized the need find ways to “hold the mic” and have diverse voices heard in the field of philosophy and in society.

The audience was engaged and inspired by Garcés' insights and her call to action to take up space and make diverse voices heard. It was a reminder that representation matters and that it is essential to have a diversity of voices shaping our society and its discourse.

The previous talks in the 2022 series were delivered by computer scientists Núria Oliver and professional water polo player Mati Ortiz.