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Monday, 17 October 2016

El Punt Avui reviews Prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero’s book titled “Creadors de futur: Ciència per a millorar el món”

Prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero, Group Leader at ICN2, won the 2016 European Prize for Scientific Dissemination, "Estudi General", with “Creadors de futur: Ciència per a millorar el món”. His book talks about some scientific discoveries and its enormous effects on our world. Also, he describes how close the relation between science, technology and society is. In the article from the Catalan newspaper, two more books that talk about similar topics are presented.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Diari Ara reviews the challenges of Catalan science

The article deals with 4 upcoming revolutions: Big Data, and how create devices able to collect information more efficiently; Graphene, a material with a promising future because of its properties; Quantum technology, that will enable, for example, a total secure communication; and Fusion Energy as a clean, safe, abundant and cheap energy source. ICREA Research Prof. Stephan Roche, Group Leader at ICN2, takes part in the article talking about graphene.

Monday, 26 September 2016

TV Girona interviews Neus Domingo about the Fuerzas y Tunel Congress

Dr Neus Domingo, Dr Albert Verdaguer and ICREA Prof Aitor Mugarza co-led the organisation of Fuerzas y Tunel 2016. The Congress was held in the city of Girona (September 6-8, 2016) and included dissemination events at the Casa de Cultura de Girona. Prof Miquel Salmeron, also interviewed in the video, was the guest speaker of the event that opened the dissemination agenda.