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Outreach News

Monday, 07 March 2022

The ICN2 participates in Dissabtes de la Física 2022

This is a programme organised by the Autonomous University of Barcelona to show different topics of physics to High School students. On Saturday 26 February, the ICN2 Marketing and Communication Department together with Dr Sara Martí Sánchez, from the Advanced Electron Nanoscopy Group, participated in it by preparing a set of activities related to the nanoscale and quantum computing.

Dissabtes de la Física is an initiative to popularise physics promoted by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). It consists of a series of conferences held on consecutive Saturdays, followed by visits to laboratories or other interactive activities.

The ICN2 has participated in this programme providing contents for the second part of the session about quantum computing held on Saturday 26. After the opening talk, participants enjoyed a set of activities involving different nano-related objects and experiments. They divided into groups of 12-15 people, and each group went to a table with a different activity. In every case, the group had to read a sheet with the basic information on what to do, and then answer a brief online test using their mobile phones. During their journey, attendees learned about ferrofluid, encapsulation techniques, nitinol, superhydrophobic surfaces and brain-computer interfaces, among others.

After all the activities were completed, the students were driven back to the conference room where Dr Sara Martí, Postdoctoral Researcher at the ICN2 Advanced Electron Nanoscopy Group, offered a talk about observing nanomaterials for quantum applications. She explained different advanced nanoscopy techniques and compared them with other microscopes to show the power of modern equipment.

Together with ICN2’s Head of Marketing and Communication, Àlex Argemí, and Communication Officer, Joana Pi-Suñer, they reflected about the results of a test answered by participants and commented on the role of ICN2 in different applications of the research results. Two students were awarded for their sharp answers to the test with a “Nano is the new Rock’n’roll” T-shirt and the book by Prof. Laura Lechuga “Una científica saltando vallas”.