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Filippos Giannis Perdikos

Research Assistant
ITN 2019
Magnetic Nanostructures



  • Mechanochromic Detection for Soft Opto-Magnetic Actuators

    Güell-Grau P., Escudero P., Perdikos F.G., López-Barbera J.F., Pascual-Izarra C., Villa R., Nogués J., Sepúlveda B., Alvarez M. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces; 13 (40): 47871 - 47881. 2021. 10.1021/acsami.1c11710. IF: 9.229

    New multi-stimuli responsive materials are required in smart systems applications to overcome current limitations in remote actuation and to achieve versatile operation in inaccessible environments. The incorporation of detection mechanisms to quantify in real time the response to external stimuli is crucial for the development of automated systems. Here, we present the first wireless opto-magnetic actuator with mechanochromic response. The device, based on a nanostructured-iron (Fe) layer transferred onto suspended elastomer structures with a periodically corrugated backside, can be actuated both optically (in a broadband spectral range) and magnetically. The combined opto-magnetic stimulus can accurately modulate the mechanical response (strength and direction) of the device. The structural coloration generated at the corrugated back surface enables to easily map and quantify, in 2D, the mechanical deflections by analyzing in real time the hue changes of images taken using a conventional RGB smartphone camera, with a precision of 0.05°. We demonstrate the independent and synergetic optical and magnetic actuation and detection with a detection limit of 1.8 mW·cm-2 and 0.34 mT, respectively. The simple operation, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of the wireless multiactuated device with highly sensitive mechanochromic mapping paves the way to a new generation of wirelessly controlled smart systems. © 2021 American Chemical Society.