Interdisciplinary Platforms Nanomaterials Growth

The growth of new nanomaterials, their combination into multilayered nanocomposites and other hybrid materials, and the functionalisation of their surfaces for various applications lie at the heart of advances in device development. Discoveries in this area have driven innovation in recent years, the most famous example being that of graphene, though other 2D materials, topological insulators and multifunctional oxides have also played their role.

In this platform we devise and refine methodologies for the growth and preparation of materials with novel properties, with key achievements so far including:

The ICN2 has built a novel metal-organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) reactor for the deposition of MoS2 layers. Results so far have yielded ultrathin layers of the same quality as those reported in the literature. The next planned step is to scale up the deposition process to achieve 2-4”inch wafer deposition. Once transferred onto flexible substrates, these materials can be used in sensor and actuator devices for a new generation of cortical implants.