Friday, 08 November 2019

Self-assembled microspheres of silica to cool surfaces without energy consumption

Researchers from the ICN2 and the ICMM-CSIC have developed a new material able to cool another one by emitting infrared radiation. The results are published in Small and are expected to be used in devices where an increase in temperature has drastic effects on performance, like solar panels and computer systems, among other applications.

Thursday, 07 November 2019

SPIE President Jacobus Oschmann visits ICN2

Researchers of the ICN2 Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices group and of the NanoBiosensors and Byoanalitical Applications group showed Oschmann around and presented him some research developed in our centre’s laboratories.

Wednesday, 06 November 2019

Research meets industry at the Graphene Connect and Health Investment Forum

A Graphene Connect event dedicated to MedTech and Diagnostic Technologies has been held today, 6 November 2019, in Barcelona. This meeting aimed to foster partnership and collaborations between different stakeholders working on graphene technologies and medical devices. In the evening, a Graphene for Health Investment Forum took place, in which some entrepreneurs looking for partners and investors pitched their projects.

Tuesday, 05 November 2019

Graphene Flagship meeting on biomedical technologies

The research on biomedical technologies based on two-dimensional materials developed within the European Graphene Flagship is being discussed in these days at a dedicated convention held in Balcelona.