Monday, 05 October 2020

Prof. Gustau Catalán on flexoelectricity for biomedical applications

ICREA Prof. Gustau Catalán, leader of the ICN2 Oxide Nanophysics group, talks about his research on flexoelectricity and biocompatible materials in an article published in the magazine El País Retina. The reportage also includes interviews with other Spanish researchers working in related fields.

Thursday, 01 October 2020

Interface engineering to control spin-orbit torques in topological insulator heterostructures

A group of scientists from the ICN2 Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices Group and Osaka University have demonstrated that intermixing in heterostructures plays a critical role in the generation of spin-orbit torques. Inserting a suitable normal metal spacer, material intermixing is reduced and the topological insulator properties at the interface are largely improved. The work is published in Nano Letters.