Monday, 29 May 2023

UAB Students Discover Exciting Career Paths at ICN2 Open House

The ICN2 Open House event proved to be a successful venture, introducing students from UAB to the thriving research community at ICN2 and the vast array of opportunities awaiting them in the realm of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Madrid hosts Quantum Matter International Conference: A global forum for the advancement of quantum materials and technologies

The benchmark event will bring together leading figures from the scientific and business world to discuss the possibilities and applications of quantum materials, catalysing new ideas and collaborations in a flourishing field. Madrid's Pablo VI Space will host the Quantum Matter International Conference 2023 from 23rd to 25th May. The event has been made possible thanks to the joint effort of the organisers DIPC, ICN2, CSIC and Phantoms Foundation, with the support of QTEP-CSIC, BIST, ICREA and Quantum Spain.