Thursday, 21 July 2022

Fundació Èpica - Fura dels Baus presents the 'Survival vs. Resilience' project with ICN2, BIST and ICFO

A group of around 20 people has been working for two weeks to develop a scenic arts action revolving around graphene and the nanoscale as one of its main concepts. Next weekend, July 23 – 24, Fundació Èpica - Fura dels Baus will present the result of this work, which was based on the science shared by Dr Victoria Puig, Dr Jose de la Cruz, Dr Lorenzo Orsini and Àlex Argemí Read more to learn how to get a free ticket!

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Self-driven micropumps propelled by salts show high efficiency in water decontamination

A study recently published in “Nature Communications” and led by ICN2 researcher Dr María José Esplandiu introduces micropatterned pumps that use salts as fuel and that can selectively remove cadmium ions from water samples. Reusable, operable in high salt concentrations and able to drive unidirectional fluid flows, these devices look promising for various environmental and biomedicine applications.

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

A large ICN2 representation at the Graphene 2022 Conference in Aachen

The ICN2 is one of the organisers of the Graphene Conference series and this year participated with many talks, posters and a stand in the exhibition, sharing results of the many research lines on graphene and 2D materials –both theoretical and application-oriented— pursued at our institute.