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CO2 incubator HERAcell

The HERAcell CO2 incubator is used for the cultivation of cell and tissue cultures and simulates the physiological environment of these cultures. The unit provides an environment with controlled temperature, CO2, elevated humidity and automatic decontamination mode.

General features

The test chamber atmosphere can be regulated with respect to its temperature and CO2 concentration. The evaporation of water from the water reservoir creates a high and constant relative humidity.

  • Heating: An air jacket heating systems allows the test chamber temperature to be adjusted from +3°C to 55°C.
  • Gas supply: The CO2 content of the test chamber atmosphere can be adjusted within a range from 0 - 20 %.
  • A stainless steel fan wheel circulates and mixes the test chamber atmosphere.
  • Sensor block contains sensors for temperature, gas flow regulation, and temperature monitoring. These sensors monitor the conditions in the test chamber and pass this information to the control system.
  • Humidification of the test chamber atmosphere is accomplished by the evaporation of water from the open water reservoir included in the test chamber floor. At 37°C, the test chamber reaches a relative humidity of approx. 95 %, and minimal humidity recovery times are achieved.
  • ContraCon Decontamination Routine: decontamination of the entire test chamber with all interior fittings and sensors. During the decontamination routine, the unit is disinfected for 9 hours with moist heat at 90 °C. The entire decontamination routine takes approximately 25 hours to complete.


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