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HERAsafe HS12

The HERAsafe HS12 is a Class II (Type A2) Biological Safety Cabinet especially designed for work with dangerous biological substances of risk levels 1, 2 and 3. It ensures high product and personal/operator protection from contamination. This cabinet has been safety tested in accordance with NSF 49, BS 5726, NFX 44-201, IEC 1010-1 and DIN 12950.

General features

  • Vertical laminar air flow and air intake (air curtain) across front opening
  • Modular design for flexible, individually orientated use
  • Motor-driven front window: Optimum protection through hermetically sealing, aerosol tight lock
  • Permanent monitoring of all relevant safety functions via monitor control system
  • Equipped with a High Efficiency Particle Air Filter (HEPA) H 14 which guarantees a minimum absorption of 99.999% on 0.3 µm particles


Associated Groups/Units