Electron Microscopy Unit - General Rules

All EM users are expected to behave responsibly, meaning that:

  • You should use common sense
  • Carry out only “standard” experiments. Do not try out new techniques for the first time unless someone senior or the EMU staff is available to help you
  • If you are unsure about something, ASK FOR HELP to the EMU support staff no matter how simple the task is
  • The EM support staff normally will provide support or assistance during “working hours”. When using the microscopes in the evening or at weekends you are governed by the ICN2 “out of hours” working policy
  • When checking a type of sample for the first time, keep EM staff informed on the general characteristics and nature of the sample
  • Do not prepare or manipulate samples on the microscopes or the microscopes desks. Please do it in the space intended for sample preparation.
  • Keep the working space clean and tidy, especially after finishing your session
  • It is not allowed to smoke, eat or drink in the EM rooms
  • Users must register in the logbook of the equipment they are using, where they must note the time of start and end of the session, as well as any comments/ problems arising during the session
  • Do not leave samples inside the microscopes or equipment
  • Please dispose safely of your chemical waste
  • Do not install programs or download files in the EM computers
  • Do not modify the configuration options of the equipment without the supervision of the EM support staff