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FEI Quanta 650FEG ESEM

The Quanta 650 FEG is a versatile Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope which provides high resolution imaging at high vacuum, low-vacuum and also extended vacuum (environmental SEM or ESEM) for the characterization of all type of samples (conductive, non-conductive and wet samples) and performing in-situ dynamic experiments. This microscope features a large chamber with the capacity of analyzing up to 16 samples at the same time and compatible with 8 inches wafers.

Technical characteristics

  • Voltage: 200 V to 30 kV
  • Beam current: up to 200 nA
  • Resolution:
    • High-vacuum mode: 1.2 nm @ 30 kV (SED) // 0.8 nm @ 30 kV (STEM)
    • Low-vacuum mode (10 Pa to 130 Pa pressures): 1.4 nm @ 30 kV (SED)
    • ESEM (130 PA to 2600 Pa pressures) mode: 1.4 nm @ 30 kV
  • Sample holder kit including cross-sectional, multi-stub and STEM holders
  • Beam deceleration to enhance low kV performance
  • Detection systems:
    • Secondary electrons: Everhart-Thornley, gaseous SE (ESEM mode), Through-lens (TLD)
    • Back-scattered electrons: low kV solid state BSED
    • Transmitted electrons (STEM): BF and DF
  • EDS analysis using an Inca 250 SSD XMax20 detector which is Peltier cooled with 20 mm2 active area and 129 eV resolution
  • Peltier stage for humidity cycling experiments and cooling down to -25 ºC
  • Heating stage up to 1000 ºC


  • High-resolution imaging of the morphology and topography of all types of samples, with a large chamber which fits specimens up to 20 cm in diameter
  • Study of non-conductive and wet specimens without the need of pretreating them
  • Imaging with compositional contrast using BSED
  • In-situ studies of the evolution of samples upon heating (up to 1000 ºC)
  • In-situ dynamic humidity studies (up to 100% humidity) using a Peltier cell
  • Chemical analysis via EDX for point analysis and chemical maps


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