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FEI Magellan 400L XHR SEM

The Magellan 400L is a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with a newly developed electron column with a monochromator, UC (UniColore) Technology. This microscope features excellent capabilities in the more traditional high energy (15-30 kV) SEM and STEM imaging, but also has an outstanding performance at low beam energies with subnanometer resolution for unmatched surface sensitive imaging.

The recently attached X-Max Ultim Extreme EDX (Oxford Instruments) converts this microscope in a unique tool, as it allows an ultrafast compositional nanoanalysis and mapping with an unprecedented sensitivity and energy resolution, even for light elements such as lithium.

Technical specifications

  • Landing energies: 50 V to 30 kV, continuously adjustable
  • Beam current: 0.6 pA - 22 nA
  • Resolution: 0.8 nm@ 15 kV, 0.9 nm @ 1 kV
  • Beam energy spread below 0.2 eV
  • Detector systems:
    • Secondary electrons: Everhart-Thornley and through-lens (TLD)
    • Back-scattered electrons: TLD and retractable vCD (for BSED at low voltages)
    • Transmitted electrons (STEM): BF, DF and HAADF
  • Sample holder kit including cross-sectional, multi-stub and STEM holders
  • Beam deceleration to enhance low kV performance
  • 5-axis high precision specimen stage 100 mm x 100 mm with piezo control
  • Navigation camera
  • Integrated plasma cleaner


  • Extremely high resolution (< 1 nm) for topography and morphology studies of all types of samples, even non-conductive specimens
  • Surface-sensitive high resolution imaging by working at low operating voltages (below 1 kV)
  • Imaging of the structure of samples using STEM mode
  • Study of biological samples, such as cells and tissues


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