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Precision Ion Polishing System - Gatan PIPS (model 691)

The Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPSTM) is a precision ion polisher designed to produce high quality TEM specimens with minimal effort. Emphasizing ease of use, the PIPS features full manual control, making it reliable to operate and easy to maintain.

Several unique design features are incorporated into the Gatan PIPS:

  • High milling rates at shallow angles
  • Penning guns having no consumable parts
  • Patented Whisperlok for fast and simple specimen exchange
  • Specimen holders for double sided, low angle milling
  • Beam Modulation offering both single and double sector milling

Our PIPS also features a live imaging CCD zoom camera that offers a more efficient and easy means of monitoring milling process to the point of perforation. The system enables you to observe the specimen perforation on the high resolution monitor and to precisely control the perforation size and location

PIPS Specifications:

  • Milling angle: +10º to -10º, each gun independently adjustable
  • Ion beam energy: 1.5keV to 6keV
  • Sample size: 3mm or 2.3mm
  • Rotation speed: variable from 1 to 6rpm
  • Viewing: binocular microscope 40X or 80X


  • Sample preparation equipment


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