Severo Ochoa Programme 2018-2022 Pillar 4: Cross-cutting Areas - Recruitment and training

During the previous four-year term of Severo Ochoa accreditation and funding, the ICN2 launched a number of strategic actions in Human Resources which, in 2015, earned us the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research logo. With the current Severo Ochoa Programme, the ICN2 HR Department intends to strengthen these initiatives to continue to provide a globally-competitive work environment, and a safe and secure workplace.


Efforts will be devoted to offering training and meaningful career development opportunities to all ICN2 members. Other values pursued include recruitment and selection processes based solely on merit; equal opportunities and the reduction of the persistent gender gap, and the upholding of international standards in ethics.

Action Managers

Julio Gómez
Head of Human Resources

Dr Neus Domingo
CSIC Distinguished Researcher at the ICN2 Oxide Nanophysics Group
Chairperson of the ICN2 Equal Opportunities Committee