Severo Ochoa Programme 2018-2022 Pillar 4: Cross-cutting Areas - Dissemination of research outcomes

The ICN2 recognises the importance of disseminating knowledge and research outcomes, and of reaching out to stakeholders and society at large. As such the Marketing and Communication Department will continue to drive actions to strengthen the institute’s public profile and engagement with nanoscience and technology.


Our online presence through the website and social media will be boosted. Strong links to the education community will be maintained by welcoming undergraduate and Master’s students via summer fellowship programmes and open days. Nanotechnology will be brought to primary and secondary school pupils through the NanoEduca project, the “Bojos per la Fisica” programme and other activities. Dissemination to the general public will also be fostered through participation in science fairs, as well as with a stronger presence in the mainstream media.

Actions to make our research outcomes and experimental data available to the scientific community and so conform to new standards in Open Access and Open Data will also be promoted by this department.

Action Manager

Àlex Argemí
Head of Marketing and Communication